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Updated on / June 26

Highlighting the "Real You" in Today's Social Media

The problem with today's social media

Social media has evolved rapidly in recent years — becoming a place we don’t quite recognize anymore. What was once used to make real, personal connections, is now being used for advertisements and narcissism.

For example, Facebook’s usage has slowed considerably in recent years, yet its ad revenue actually jumped up 42% in early 2018, demonstrating the company is more excited about making money from its users rather than creating and maintaining real connections.

Meanwhile, multiple studies have shown that as a whole, our mental health is failing the psychological effects of likes, comments and shares are proving to be detrimental to the mental health of social media users.

In fact, one study found that liking more posts was tied to worse mental and physical health and decreased life satisfaction, while another study found that many people suffer from “Facebook envy,” the concept of being jealous of friends’ activities on social media.

By now, we all know one thing: the current social media system has become the opposite of what it once claimed to be. Healthy personal relationships are being pushed aside for social media narcissism and platforms that value money over real connections.

Giving people the positive social media experience they desire

As it turns out, people are getting tired of their fake online connections. A recent Pew survey says one in four Americans deleted Facebook from their phone in 2018, and 42 percent of Americans said they’ve stopped using Facebook at all “for several weeks or more” during the past year.

Instagram is starting to experiment with hiding likes in order to improve the mental health of its users; the photo platform is already hiding likes in countries like Canada to see how the removal of numbers will improve the mental health of its millions of users

As people start leaving big social networks and as places like Instagram start to hide likes and followers, what’s next for social media?

At Fayvo, we believe that instead of basing things on popularity, it’s all about making real connections on stuff you like and sharing it all with other people!

How Fayvo highlights the real you

FAYVO is a next-generation social platform to share your favorites and discover the favorites of others, while eliminating the narcissism and loneliness that current social media platforms often bring us.

When you spot your next favorite book, movie, song, restaurant, or product, you’ll be able to save it and share it in an organized way on FAYVO, where you can easily keep access of all your favorites in one place and recommend the content to your friends.

You can also add and share your favorite content from other apps through FAYVO, keeping all your favorites in one place! Your profile consists of boxes for categorizing your favourites – whereas people used to keep their favourite photographs, tapes and other mementos in a box, now they can do the same thing — but in a digital format.

FAYVO is creating a new way of being social, but also useful. Fayvo is giving consumers a way to create real human connections, while also allowing them to share their true personality by showing all their favorites, all the time.